Rosa Ros

Rosa Ros is a modern version of a traditional scandinavian motif. The rose is seen throughout Scandinavia but are of course mostly know as the selbu rose (from Norway). Gotland (Sweden), how ever, has a lot of roses – less figurative than the Selbu.

Solveig Larsson, the knitter behind has dedicated her life to mittens.¬†She published the book The Mitten Book and I tell you, it’s an inch+ thick book of mitten after mitten. Almost every other page is a new one.
All Solveigs patterns are

Rosa Ros. Pattern: Solveig Svensson. Knitted by Anne Grove.

Rosa Ros. Pattern: Solveig Svensson. Knitted by Anne Grove.

This project, let me tell, it was a joy! The stitches just flew from one needle to the other and before I knew of it I had finished the first mitten. I had actually intended to knit these on the span of two weeks as per the setup of this project. But as a good book I just couldn’t put it down. It has been a joy doing these mittens. I think they might be my favorite so far. I’m sure they would be yours too if you could feel them. ‘Cos yum!

Solveig is very clear on her choice of yarn: alpaca. And this does give a wonderful mitten. If you are not used to knitting with different qualities of yarn you should do yourself that favor. A wonderful project can be amazing with a good quality yarn. I am glad I did these mittens in the recommended yarn^^

Front and back picture.

Front and back picture.

The cuff

The pattern doesn’t have a start to the cuff, non of her charts do. Normally most mittens will have some kind of edge before the charted cuff part. In The Mitten Book, Solveig have a chapter in the beginning showing different kinds that one can pick and choose from. I don’t remember if she writes this, but I have seen her use it on several mittens. I did a 12 rounds garter stitch. Plain and simple. I like that it doesn’t take from the pattern, but I do figure that others will like some cute edging – luckily you can choose which you use for your project ūüėČ

Close-up of cuff, Rosa Ros.

Close-up of cuff, Rosa Ros.

Notes and thoughts

1. Choose an edging for the cuff. I chose a simple and somewhat stocky cuff: 12 rows of garter stitch.

2. I also added a very little detail to the pattern. I don’t know if it shows in any of the pictures but casting on I used both green colors. Giving a small row of light green loops before the cuff. I didn’t do it in any fancy way, I just made a loose knot to tie the two strands together and unwound it afterwards.

3.¬†Yarn choice. Do yourself a favor and knit this pattern in alpaca! It deserves it and it’s what Solveig would do. It makes it a little fluffier, softer, smoother and much more yummy^^ I used DROPS alpaca for these, but you can use any alpaca

4.¬†Color choice. The three shades of light pink for the rose can be tricky. I love the three colors I chose, while on their own. But the leap from first to second was just too big. Several times while knitting I discussed with myself if I should unwind and do it only in two. Just have in mind when you pick out colors that one color isn’t too powerfull and take out the pallet.

Besides being an awesome knitter and author she is also a wonderful person! She helped me to the pattern without much ado about nothing. And thank you for that, Solveig!
If you want to see more of her amazing mittens she has about 160 on Ravelry, you can see them here. You can also go to her webpage, though I could only find it in Swedish. Her website can be found here: solveigs vantar.

If you want to get your hands on this pattern you can get it, and many more patterns by purchasing The Mitten Calendar 2013 through the webpage. I will also recommend buying her book. It’s simply amazing. It comes in scandinavian languages and english (at least! that’s just what I know of).

Closeup of rose pattern - just because I'm in love with it!

Closeup of rose pattern – just because I’m in love with it!


Spring poll winner

Here it is: the winner of the first spring poll. Rosa Ros.

This amazing mitten is done by Solveig Larsson. A woman who dedicated her life to the mittens! Yes, I am not kidding! She is just as amazing as her mittens. I kid you not, her book, it’s more than a 1 inch pile of paper of only mitten patterns. If you are mitten lover like me it’s a good purchase.

Rosa Ros Mitten. Picture by Solveig Larsson.

Rosa Ros Mitten. Picture by Solveig Larsson.

A thing I love about Larsson, besides her patterns of course, is how she includes her inspiration and from what situation she got the idea. This part is very important to me as a designer and I know that many of my creative friends love to see where the inspiration comes from. It’s simply inspirational. I have a dream of once making a book purely on inspiration and how to find it.

Eithor Or test mitten – now with partner!

Yup. I made a partner for the Either Or testmitten. They are not identical but I though I wanted to make them a little interesting – also I wanted to see how the different methods in the pattern would look like.

Either Or Test Mittens. Pattern by Meredith Lee. Knitted by Anne Grove.

Either Or Test Mittens. Pattern by Meredith Lee. Knitted by Anne Grove.

The picture isn’t as good or pristine as I would want it to. But hopefully my new camera will be up and running soon. For more picture awesomeness ūüėÄ

If you want to read more on the Either Or pattern and first pair, you can find it here.


It’s a springtime poll!

Spring is here! Okay…maybe not here here (IE. in Denmark) as we are apparently getting snow today (AGAIN!)!?! But the past week have twirped of spring. The sun has been warming up and the snow that had the ground hostage for so long has gone away. There is still a little bit of green left underneath it and new green is peeping out.¬†I know roses aren’t as early as this but flowers are peeping out here and there. But the preparations for great roses start in April and May (on this latitude at least).

Rose Poll picture

  1. Rosa Ros by Solveig Larsson. Published in Vantkalendren 2013. Why: These a cute, simple and gorgeous. I must admit I am in love with the colors too! I always love light green and pink together and this is no exception!
  2. Vita Rosor by Solveig Larsson. Published in Vantboken – Solveigs Vantar. Why: A mitten from Larssons amazing book. It’s huge I tell you. The amount of mittens is immense. I love how these have such a simple rose yet so clearly it’s a rose. Great strength in a pattern! The simplicity I like.
  3. Rosebud Mittens by Jouni Riihelä and Leena Riihelä. Published in Riihivilla. Why: These roses are in bud and not in bloom yet. It suits the early springtime if you ask me. Also I like how these are more abstract.
  4. Roses by Inger and Ingrid Gottfridsson. Published in The Mitten Book, in sweedish: Gotl√§ndska Stickm√∂nster. Why: This is a traditional sweedish charted rose, originally from about 1850. Many has used it and it’s normal to see in knitwear in Scandinavia. I believe Kaffe Fassett has used it as well along with the traditional tulip. I had a sweater with that rose when I was little, so it has a special place in my heart.

PS. Looking out the window it is now snowing! ARGH! Go away winter!