Internet. I has it. Finally.

Yup, it turns out internet is such a snazzy thing that it’s practically impossible to blog without! Who would have guessed!

I have had internet problems for some weeks now but I am finally back online again! It has been immensely frustrating. Working from home and having a 2 hours commute to my school with internet hasn’t helped much in the internet department. Though my knitting hasn’t stopped because of that. How should that stop me?! 😉 Well. I finished the Rosa Ros mittens and to keep on track I found a pattern in my library that I started. I have one finished mitten and the next to be knitted this week. Oh also, I had to do a little moving day as this project is taking up a little more space with time^^

So the next couple of days I will post several posts get back on track.


Spring poll winner

Here it is: the winner of the first spring poll. Rosa Ros.

This amazing mitten is done by Solveig Larsson. A woman who dedicated her life to the mittens! Yes, I am not kidding! She is just as amazing as her mittens. I kid you not, her book, it’s more than a 1 inch pile of paper of only mitten patterns. If you are mitten lover like me it’s a good purchase.

Rosa Ros Mitten. Picture by Solveig Larsson.

Rosa Ros Mitten. Picture by Solveig Larsson.

A thing I love about Larsson, besides her patterns of course, is how she includes her inspiration and from what situation she got the idea. This part is very important to me as a designer and I know that many of my creative friends love to see where the inspiration comes from. It’s simply inspirational. I have a dream of once making a book purely on inspiration and how to find it.

Winner of kids poll

Yep. The poll has been running for about a week now and it’s time for an announcement: The clear winner is Lobster Claws! These truly are fun and silly and will make both child and adult play. They just make you laugh. Bring in Dr. Zoidberg. ASAP!

Lobster Claws

The picture I posted was by Katie Boyette, from the book Wearable KnitWits.  But I have been having problems getting hold of this book. I don’t atm have the money to buy it off Amazon and the library lost their copy (and was of course very bad at communicating it) so I am pondering what to do now.

I am gonna do a lobster claw mitten but it’s just how. Do I try to copy the pattern from the picture (I’m not too fond of this)? Or do I find another lobster claw pattern? I found this one which I can purchase on ravelry. It’s from Morehouse Designs. It’s fun in a different way but still a lobster claw. Would you all be okay if I do this?

Lobster Clar substitute? Picture by n0nnahs on flikr.

Lobster Clar substitute? Picture by n0nnahs on flikr.

Announcment: poll postponed

Yes. I have to postpone the next poll a week.

I had the HPV vaccine the other day and it just hurt so much I couldn’t knit. And the pain lasted for a couple of days. This set me back on the second mittens of Owl in Tree. The first is done and I will post about it this weekend. But I will have to finish the second in the upcoming week.

Also my next week is going to be filled with a lot of work. Each year in the Easter holiday I’m on the team that makes and runs the biggest danish role-play convention. Yes, I am that geeky. And this year some deadlines have been shifted about and all of a sudden I am very busy next week. So I don’t think it’s going to be able to finish a new mitten on it’s own.  It would be a shame to have two mittens in a row that is behind, this would be too big a stress factor.

But don’t despair! I will post the first Owl in Tree mitten as well the progress of the second this weekend and when it’s done next week AND I have a pair of mittens and a mitten post in spare that needs to be posted. I am going to use that to fill in the hole. Quite perfect. So you won’t go mitten free for a week 😉

Best productive wishes,


The owls is gonna be on the hands and in the trees! I am quite surprised that this mitten won. Maybe it’s just me that has an odd liking of mittens with owl features more? Hehe non the less these are sweet and figurative. I’m looking forward to trying the braid part!

I’m not quite sure about the color. I like the green and white together but I’m not sure I can find a yarn that has the right green color. I’m gonna look into if Gotlandsk Pelsuld from Filcolana could be used. They have quite a few nice green shades.

Owls In a Tree

I just need to take pictures of the Either Or, which will happen tomorrow hopefully. The weather is crazy! It’s snowing and it’s oddly gray out side. What’s up with that!? It’s supposed to be spring soon. I hope the weather gets better so I can take some nice pictures of them^^

Either or a Winner

The winner of the first Technical Time mittens are Either Or Mittens by Lee Meredith alias Leethalknits. Meredith makes patterns with humor and room for whimsy. This pattern is made to fit any gauge/yarn and is perfect for a project with homespun yarns. I have a few in my stash that needs to become something beautiful and I will see if any of them can work with this pattern.

I was surprised and very happy to find the big interest in me doing different techniques for mittens. This has been my idea from the get go. I didn’t just want to do mitten because of their beautiful color work – I want mittens that are different, that challenge my view on how mittens are done. I plan on doing a “Technical Time” once every two months or so.

Either Or Mittens by Lee Meredith

I am very very tired after a weekend of catering for an event so I will block the Jolnir Mitten tonight and go to sleep.

Thank you for voting and have a wonderful last day of the first 1,5 week of february! See you all in the next project.

What heart of February will it be?

Jolnir by Emmy Petersson. Pubslihed in Woolbox Designs. This heart pattern is adorable for more reasons than just the hearts. It’s a modern and simple take on all the hearts. I already have the yarn I’m going to use a light gray and a yummy red.


I am presently having a problem with the downloading the pattern and until that has been cleared up I wont be able to cast the Jolnir Mitten on. Patience till them, I tell my self, patience!

Untill then I’m going to edit the pics and such for last week (surprise) project. I did a little thing while haven a week to spare due to the fast knit of the Meta Mitten.