About Me

Picture by Thomas Mertz



Who am I?

My name is Anne Grove. I live in Aarhus, Denmark. My scandinavian upbringing have given me much but something that has always had a special place is the knitting traditions.

I have been knitting since my 6th birthday when my grandmother gave me a little basket with her homespun and -colored yarns and a pair of needles. My aunt taught me that evening to knit and since that day I have had the joy of knitting in my life.

Now I study textiles design at Kolding School of Design in the masters program. I have a BA in fashion design but also there I worked with knitwear. I now focus completely on the textiles and the techniques behind.

I enjoy the tradition of the mittens in the Scandinavian and Eastern European countries. I love the motives, patterns and history. But I also love how the tradition has been brought into our modern world by using the techniques to create patterns that we relate to. This is how a tradition is kept alive and ever present and that is what I want to contribute to.