From the woolly mists

It has been about 3 months since I posted last.

I have for about a month dreaded writing in here, even though I owe it to my self and my project to do so. Fact is life started again. Just before the summer holidays I started school again. From January to May I was on sick leave due to a neck injury. My doctor let me in to the school again so that I might have chance to catch up during the summer and not get behind.

So before the school closed down I did a 3 week project in collaboration with a fellow student and from then on I started an internship at the Danish company Eva & Claudi. E&C specializes in knitwear. They wanted to ad hand knitted items to their AutumnWinter2014 collection and this is what I have been working on designing for them. It has been a wonderful time and I have knitted my arms off several times during these three months. But is has not left much surplus to knitting outside of work and not at all to this project.

Gauge samples.

Gauge samples.

To be honest it has been a bit of a blessing to do something else. It turns out I’m not that good at limiting myself to doing only one kind of clothing. It’s simply too narrow for me. Also it is very very difficult for a knitter who always has just knitted completely on her own terms to listen that much to others, for what to knit. Fun! But hard.Β It is all a pretty awesome lesson. And it has fueled me with inspiration to start a project with complete looks. It is still in the making but I promise to share a link or two when the photo-shoot has taken place!

All that put aside I do feel a bit like I let you down. And it sucks. I am presently trying to find a way to get into my own race again. On the needles is a pair of Beehive inspired fingerless mittens in an yummy mustard alpaca silk form Viking Garn. Also…don’t I owe you a post on a done persnickety mitten?

Samples in piles, from my internship.

Samples in piles, from my internship.


2 thoughts on “From the woolly mists

  1. Bah, do not feel like you let anyone down! You’ve made several mittens and I think that’s a great accomplishment when the year isn’t even over yet πŸ˜› Looking forward to your next post…!

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