It’s a springtime poll!

Spring is here! Okay…maybe not here here (IE. in Denmark) as we are apparently getting snow today (AGAIN!)!?! But the past week have twirped of spring. The sun has been warming up and the snow that had the ground hostage for so long has gone away. There is still a little bit of green left underneath it and new green is peeping out. I know roses aren’t as early as this but flowers are peeping out here and there. But the preparations for great roses start in April and May (on this latitude at least).

Rose Poll picture

  1. Rosa Ros by Solveig Larsson. Published in Vantkalendren 2013. Why: These a cute, simple and gorgeous. I must admit I am in love with the colors too! I always love light green and pink together and this is no exception!
  2. Vita Rosor by Solveig Larsson. Published in Vantboken – Solveigs Vantar. Why: A mitten from Larssons amazing book. It’s huge I tell you. The amount of mittens is immense. I love how these have such a simple rose yet so clearly it’s a rose. Great strength in a pattern! The simplicity I like.
  3. Rosebud Mittens by Jouni Riihelä and Leena Riihelä. Published in Riihivilla. Why: These roses are in bud and not in bloom yet. It suits the early springtime if you ask me. Also I like how these are more abstract.
  4. Roses by Inger and Ingrid Gottfridsson. Published in The Mitten Book, in sweedish: Gotländska Stickmönster. Why: This is a traditional sweedish charted rose, originally from about 1850. Many has used it and it’s normal to see in knitwear in Scandinavia. I believe Kaffe Fassett has used it as well along with the traditional tulip. I had a sweater with that rose when I was little, so it has a special place in my heart.

PS. Looking out the window it is now snowing! ARGH! Go away winter!


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