Poll for kids mitts

Yes! I have a month with a lot of work on the convention and the convention it self so I though a smaller project would be perfect so what is more perfect than kids mittens?! I can’t see what could be.

Kids kids kids

  1. Lined Sock Monkey mittens by Rachel Hooper. Published in From Ewe to You. Why: ” Caution: swinging from trees while wearing these mittens is completely optional and may result in injury….eating bananas while wearing them is ok though.”. Need I say more?
  2. Lobster Claw mittens by Katie Boyette. Published in the book Wearable KnitWits. Why: well…they are just weird and I imagine I would run around the living room playing Dr. Zoidberg! No other reason.
  3. Baby Selbuvotten by Amanda Bjørge. Published in Bjørge Knits Designs. Why: these are just beyond beyond cute! So tiny and so cute! The winter here still has a hold of Denmark and those small hands that naps outside needs warmth! Also it’s with a traditional Selbu star! And I could talk a bit about the Selbu tradition, which is very special.
  4. Kittens Mittens by Alyssa Lynough. Published in Alyoops! Why: these mittens are quite simple yet so sweet. Why I love them: When I was little I had a little kitten my mother knitted for me. It was in white and gray as far as I remember but it had the stripes just like this one …. and now I have a stripy tabby cat. Hana mittens! Also I would like to have mitten with stripes as I have a little technique up my sleeve I want to share.


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