The owls is gonna be on the hands and in the trees! I am quite surprised that this mitten won. Maybe it’s just me that has an odd liking of mittens with owl features more? Hehe non the less these are sweet and figurative. I’m looking forward to trying the braid part!

I’m not quite sure about the color. I like the green and white together but I’m not sure I can find a yarn that has the right green color. I’m gonna look into if Gotlandsk Pelsuld from Filcolana could be used. They have quite a few nice green shades.

Owls In a Tree

I just need to take pictures of the Either Or, which will happen tomorrow hopefully. The weather is crazy! It’s snowing and it’s oddly gray out side. What’s up with that!? It’s supposed to be spring soon. I hope the weather gets better so I can take some nice pictures of them^^


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