Poll of Owls

I am still working hard on the Either Or Mitten. It’s a quite complicated pattern and I’m atm in a bit of a hard spot. But I’m working on it πŸ™‚ So for the next project I need something not too complicated and cute to look at. Which is why I give you: Owl Month!

The reason why owls have their own month – besides the cuteness of course – my bf has a huge love for owls. So this is not a mitten for him, but a theme inspired by his love.

Owl Poll pictures

  1. Moooody Owl Mittens by Anna-Karin Consoli. Published in pansarknitting. Why: I love the graphic pattern of these mittens. I love the single color beak that just makes the difference to the pattern and make it pop. Also I love the expression of the two owls.
  2. Screech Owl Mittens by Rebecca Reveal. Publsihed in Rebecca Reveal’s Ravelry Downloads. Why: Again a very graphic pattern but in a very different way. These seem very classic to me. It might be the back-feathers that looks a little like hounds tooth pattern.
  3. Whoo Gives a Hoot? Mittens by Elaine Fitzpatrick. Published in Down Cloverlaine. Why: These are just fun. Simple and easy fun. It just has fun eyes and you can do several expressions with the eyes!
  4. Owls in a Tree Mittens by Fact Woman from Mod Knits. Published in Fact Woman Deisgns’ Ravelry Store. Why: I wanted something a bit different from the other owl mittens, and these certainly delivers that. They are more like classic color work mittens. They also have a knit braid on the wrist. A classic way of decorating cuffs on the mittens. I need to have at least one pair of mittens with that detail on it during this year.


4 thoughts on “Poll of Owls

  1. I’m in the middle of my first Either Or mitten, too! Tricky fascinating pattern. Can’t wait to see how yours turn out and glad to run across your mitten project. Very fun. πŸ™‚

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