Either or a Winner

The winner of the first Technical Time mittens are Either Or Mittens by Lee Meredith alias Leethalknits. Meredith makes patterns with humor and room for whimsy. This pattern is made to fit any gauge/yarn and is perfect for a project with homespun yarns. I have a few in my stash that needs to become something beautiful and I will see if any of them can work with this pattern.

I was surprised and very happy to find the big interest in me doing different techniques for mittens. This has been my idea from the get go. I didn’t just want to do mitten because of their beautiful color work – I want mittens that are different, that challenge my view on how mittens are done. I plan on doing a “Technical Time” once every two months or so.

Either Or Mittens by Lee Meredith

I am very very tired after a weekend of catering for an event so I will block the Jolnir Mitten tonight and go to sleep.

Thank you for voting and have a wonderful last day of the first 1,5 week of february! See you all in the next project.


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