The second poll of February

Techincal time o/daaaaaa dam dam dam o/

Yes that was a poor version of Hammer time. I couldn’t help myself. Sorry.

I thinks it’s time for a mitten that differs a bit in technique. They might seem ‘boring’ to some after seeing all the color work I’ve done so far. But these mittens definitely all have their interesting sides! And to me it’s important not just to have those amazing color work mittens. There need to be room for those other kinds.

Poll picture

  1. Bobsled Mittens by Lorilee Beltmand. Published in the book Beyond Toes: Knitting Adventures with Judy’s Magic Cast-On. Why: I love how these mittens are knit in ‘odd’ directions. It might seem simple but the detail is adorable and it would be very interesting try to knit on a skew. 
  2. Mitered Mittens by Elaine A. Ketring. Published in Cast On, Winter 2002-2003. This pattern or some other pattern like this. I will find one that is purchasable on pdf. Why: This quite square mitten might look strange but it is also pretty cool. I imagine it with something like a yarn in grayish shades that change color and a white for contrast. Also I’m curious to figure out what mitered means compared to domino knit.
  3. Either Or Mittens by Lee Meredith. Published in Remixed Leethalknits. Why: This mitten calls for a lot of knitting stitches together and making stitches. I love how the stripes are used to underline this fact. It’s just sweet in my opinion and would be an interesting project to try out a different way than traditional mittens.
  4. Mittenz by Mariella Apodaca. Published in Knitting Nonni’s Patterns. Why: These are easy and simple. Yes they to need a little sewing BUT as a beginner mitten I have an idea of these being perfect. A beginner mitten for a beginner level knitter. This might seem simple for me to do, but I’d like to include patterns that isn’t to far from  new knitters as well. These are a good and fun example of that.

NB. As opposed to other polls, mittens from Technical Time might show up in later polls as their technique is still different them from the regular kind of mitten.


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