Month of Hearts – Jolnir

Jolnir Mittens on the needles.

Jolnir Mittens on the needles.

Jolnir is another name for Odin, the all-father in the old norse mythology. Woolbox Designs is located in Sweeden and this influences the pattern greatly. Jolnir has several very traditional elements, not just the name, the thumb gusset, the pattern of the palm and the general build up of the pattern.

Emmy Petersson, the author, writes how this pattern reminds her of christmas and they are very scandinavian christmassy. Especially in the gray and the red color combo. But they do have the hearts. I’m actually glad you chose this pattern. It’s sweet, homy to me and I love the modern feel to the hearts. St. Valentines can seem too over the top sweet but these mittens keep it on a level that I as modern scandinavian creative person can deal with hehe.

Jolnir Mitten. Pattern by Emmy Petersson. Knit by Anne Grove.

Jolnir Mitten. Pattern by Emmy Petersson. Knit by Anne Grove.

The pattern has a ribbing cuff that is actually a functional cuff (in comparison to the gnome and flamingo mittens). Which is tradition on scandinavian mittens – we have the snow to keep out you know. I like how it’s not just 6 cm of one color ribbing but a combination of lines of the two color so it actually ties in with the chart.

I love the coherency of this pattern. It’s all in all a very well made pattern. It’s a joy to work with.

Better pictures will be taken by the Jolnir Mitten later! These of the full mitten are taken at night and are just impossible to get really nice. But at least you can have a view of them now 🙂 I want the post up before the next poll!

Jolnir Mittens


For this mitten to be done in time I need to knit at least 14 rows per day to meet the deadline: 14 rows ribbing + 70 pattern chart / 6 days = 14 rounds/day

Notes & thoughts

1. The layout of the pattern is wonderful. The graphics are just adorable! And they are coherent and consistent all the way through. They are simple and they are used to make paragraphs and the overview of the pattern easier, which is a joy to work with.

2. This pattern contains only chart so if you are used to using written directions or just don’t like to use a chart this could be a challenge for you. But I do plea you who are of those conviction do make this pattern – it’s just too adorable not to!

3. The Jolnir Mitten has several places where long strands of yarn go along the backside, which is in color knitting a classic “problematic place”. It’s here it’s easy to tighten to much and make the heart pattern bulky. Just if you should do this mitten have in mind that yours isn’t ugly compared to mine (a very common thing to hear when others look at knit work they haven’t done them selves) let me tell you: I have to block these mittens to just make them look close to nice! 😉

Materials: Marathon in medium gray and deep red.

Materials: Marathon in medium gray and deep red.

Jolnir is made by Emmy Petersson and published in Woolbox Designs. You can find it here on Ravelry. The pattern comes in both Swedish and English versions. You can find Woolbox Design here. Emmy Petersson has 6 amazing color knit patterns, four of these are mittens! All in very traditional scandinavian in style yet they are quite modern they are a joy to look at.


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