The owls is gonna be on the hands and in the trees! I am quite surprised that this mitten won. Maybe it’s just me that has an odd liking of mittens with owl features more? Hehe non the less these are sweet and figurative. I’m looking forward to trying the braid part!

I’m not quite sure about the color. I like the green and white together but I’m not sure I can find a yarn that has the right green color. I’m gonna look into if Gotlandsk Pelsuld from¬†Filcolana could be used. They have quite a few nice green shades.

Owls In a Tree

I just need to take pictures of the Either Or, which will happen tomorrow hopefully. The weather is crazy! It’s snowing and it’s oddly gray out side. What’s up with that!? It’s supposed to be spring soon. I hope the weather gets better so I can take some nice pictures of them^^


Poll of Owls

I am still working hard on the Either Or Mitten. It’s a quite complicated pattern and I’m atm in a bit of a hard spot. But I’m working on it ūüôā So for the next project I need something not too complicated and cute to look at. Which is why I give you: Owl Month!

The reason why owls have their own month – besides the cuteness of course – my bf has a huge love for owls. So this is not a mitten for him, but a theme inspired by his love.

Owl Poll pictures

  1. Moooody Owl Mittens by Anna-Karin Consoli. Published in pansarknitting. Why: I love the graphic pattern of these mittens. I love the single color beak that just makes the difference to the pattern and make it pop. Also I love the expression of the two owls.
  2. Screech Owl Mittens by Rebecca Reveal. Publsihed in Rebecca Reveal’s Ravelry Downloads. Why: Again a very graphic pattern but in a very different way. These seem very classic to me. It might be the back-feathers that looks a little like hounds tooth pattern.
  3. Whoo Gives a Hoot? Mittens by Elaine Fitzpatrick. Published in Down Cloverlaine. Why: These are just fun. Simple and easy fun. It just has fun eyes and you can do several expressions with the eyes!
  4. Owls in a Tree Mittens by Fact Woman from Mod Knits. Published in Fact Woman Deisgns’ Ravelry Store. Why: I wanted something a bit different from the other owl mittens, and these certainly delivers that. They are more like classic color work mittens. They also have a knit braid on the wrist. A classic way of decorating cuffs on the mittens. I need to have at least one pair of mittens with that detail on it during this year.

The two hearts together

I got the mitten blocked again and is lays a little better now. Yay for blocking! And now you can get a picture of the two mittens together! Also a picture that depicts the color better.

These mittens are beautiful and if you are looking for a “hearty” project: go for it! The pdf is a joy to work with. The graphics underline the chart pattern of the hearts and it’s written in a language that’s easy to understand.

Jolnir Mitten. Pattern by Emmy Petersson, knit by Anne Grove.

Jolnir Mitten. Pattern by Emmy Petersson, knit by Anne Grove.

IMG_5968 copy

To read about the process and notes & thought go here and here.

Jolnir is made by Emmy Petersson and published in Woolbox Designs. You can find it here on Ravelry. The pattern comes in both Swedish and English versions. You can find Woolbox Design here. Emmy Petersson has 6 amazing color knit patterns, four of these are mittens! All in very traditional scandinavian in style yet they are quite modern they are a joy to look at.

I owe you…

Remember the gnomes? I owe you a picture of the finished mittens.¬†This post is looooong over due! It has been delayed on behalf of a missing thumb. I just forgot that I needed to do it ūüėģ Sorry about that.

I know you are waiting for a post on the Either Or Mitten but you have to wait a little longer as it contains a lot of technique and I want it to be done properly – which takes a little longer than normal posts to do. But I working on them and it and they are coming along just fine.

So with no further ado:

IMG_9735 copy copy

Notes and thoughts can be read in the first post in the Gnome Mittens here.

SpillyJane patterns contains instructions for both mittens as well as fingerless. It costs $ 6.00 USD though if you purchase several at a time she gives a nice discount. You can find the pattern here on Ravelry or on her etsy shop.

Jolnir is off the needles

Just in time for St. Valentines day I give you the finished Jolnir Hearts!

Jolnir Mitten. Pattern: Emmy Petersson, knit by: Anne Grove

I need to block this one a little more before I’m all done. It’s still a little bulky in the big hearts as you can see. I hope it’s okay ūüėČ I was in a bit of a hurry as I had to give the borrowed camera back today, which is also why you don’t get a picture of the two Jolnir Mittens together. I am sorry but it will come, don’t worry.

This has been both a wonderful project as well a problematic. The project it self has been great. The pattern is sweet and fun to do but I have had problems with neck pains, which have affected how tightly I knit. You might be able to see it on the mittens where passages seem tighter than other parts. I can actually see what days I was in pain on the gauge. I didn’t really realize this until I finished off the second mitten. More likely I hadn’t really given it any though because I do have a tendency to knit quite tight.

Jolnir Mitten: palm

Jolnir Mitten: palm

You can read my first post on Jolnir here.
Jolnir Mitten Pattern is made by Emmy Petersson. You can find it here on Ravelry.

Either or a Winner

The winner of the first Technical Time mittens are Either Or Mittens by Lee Meredith alias Leethalknits. Meredith makes patterns with humor and room for whimsy. This pattern is made to fit any gauge/yarn and is perfect for a project with homespun yarns. I have a few in my stash that needs to become something beautiful and I will see if any of them can work with this pattern.

I was surprised and very happy to find the big interest in me doing different techniques for mittens. This has been my idea from the get go. I didn’t just want to do mitten because of their beautiful color work – I want mittens that are different, that challenge my view on how mittens are done.¬†I plan on doing a “Technical Time” once every two months or so.

Either Or Mittens by Lee Meredith

I am very very tired after a weekend of catering for an event so I will block the Jolnir Mitten tonight and go to sleep.

Thank you for voting and have a wonderful last day of the first 1,5 week of february! See you all in the next project.

The second poll of February

Techincal time o/daaaaaa dam dam dam o/

Yes that was a poor version of Hammer time. I couldn’t help myself. Sorry.

I thinks it’s time for a mitten that differs a bit in technique. They might seem ‘boring’ to some after seeing all the color work I’ve done so far. But these mittens definitely all have their interesting sides! And to me it’s important not just to have those amazing color work mittens. There need to be room for those other kinds.

Poll picture

  1. Bobsled Mittens by Lorilee Beltmand. Published in the book Beyond Toes: Knitting Adventures with Judy’s Magic Cast-On. Why: I love how these mittens are knit in ‘odd’ directions. It might seem simple but the detail is adorable and it would be very interesting try to knit on a skew.¬†
  2. Mitered Mittens by Elaine A. Ketring. Published in Cast On, Winter 2002-2003. This pattern or some other pattern like this. I will find one that is purchasable on pdf. Why: This quite square mitten might look strange but it is also pretty cool. I imagine it with something like a yarn in grayish shades that change color and a white for contrast.¬†Also I’m curious to figure out what mitered means compared to domino knit.
  3. Either Or Mittens¬†by Lee Meredith. Published in Remixed Leethalknits. Why: This mitten calls for a lot of knitting stitches together and making stitches. I love how the stripes are used to underline this fact. It’s just sweet in my opinion and would be an interesting project to try out a different way than traditional mittens.
  4. Mittenz¬†by Mariella Apodaca. Published in Knitting Nonni’s Patterns. Why: These are easy and simple. Yes they to need a little sewing BUT as a beginner mitten I have an idea of these being perfect. A beginner mitten for a beginner level knitter. This might seem simple for me to do, but I’d like to include patterns that isn’t to far from ¬†new knitters as well. These are a good and fun example of that.

NB. As opposed to other polls, mittens from Technical Time might show up in later polls as their technique is still different them from the regular kind of mitten.