Latvian kit and book

I went to Ladies Lunch. A wonderful gathering of amazing women. We meat, each have brought some edibles and we have a magnificent lunch. Afterwards we watch chick flicks (or other movies we just want to see). Some do crafts while others don’t. The idea is a great and fun ladies day. And I can tell you it was! Soooo much amazing food. A crazy cheese cake and a treat from Bulgaria that I’m not really sure what was. YUM!

Maria, the host, brought me a black box with a mitten pattern on front. It’s a mitten kit! The mitten is from Latvia where they have a strong and long tradition for color knit. Especially mittens and socks. She told me about a very special tradition: When getting into old age the women will start knitting socks and mittens so that a gift to can be given to those who show up for their funeral party. I find it very moving. Imagine giving your guests, who are there to say goodbye to you, a last thanks.

Mitten kit and book

The book is by Aija Jansone and is called Heritage of Rucava’s Patterned Knitted Articles (Rucavas Rakstaino Adijumu Mantojums). It’s on loan only which I totally understand. I will have to see if I can get my hands on it. I need to own this book! Until then I can read and look on this copy. I’m thinking I will do a little review of it.

Thank you so so much Maria! I am going to have so much fun with both!


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