Month of Hearts – February poll

February is just around the corner and this means it’s time for the second poll. The month is that of St. Valentine. The month of Hearts. Therefor it’s the first theme of February.

Now I am not the big romantic enthusiast buuuut I do like a little romance from time to time. And now it’s time. Heart it up, baby, The Mitten Project won’t miss out on this ‘holiday’!

poll pictures

  1. Partnerhandschuh by Milla Schoen and Yorka Sontowski. Published in TOPP #6625, Handschuhe stricken. Für Gross und Klein. Why: It’s a fun mitten perfect for a couple! I love the idea of having a joined mitten and .. well .. it make me laugh. What’s not to love about it?
  2. Heart Mittens Ansku (username on Ravelry). Published in Pitsiä ja palmikoita. Why: This is simply an adorably sweet mitten. Quite classic and simple in the hearts yet it’s more interesting than just a plain heart.
  3. Kristin’s Lyre Flower/Kristins Løytnantshjerter by Wenche Roald. Published in Knitnetty’s Designs. Why: I love the name. For you who don’t understand Scandinavian it says “Kristins Leutenant hearts”. There is a story here! I love how the name inthralles me and then of course. Classic scandinavian mittens. Adorable.
  4. Jolnir by Emmy Petersson. Pubslihed in Woolbox Designs. Why: I’m much for hearts my self but I do love the modern take on hearts this chart offers. Simple yet perfect for a woman who’d like a little romance every time she looks down.


4 thoughts on “Month of Hearts – February poll

    • Thank you! Haha. Good question. I have no idea what to do with the mittens after the year XP probably make more?!

      Wow they are adorable! I love your color choice too! And perfectly knit!
      I have a confession: my gnome mittens are my second finished color work project ;P

      Would it be okay with you if I share your mittens on my facebook page? I would love to start people sharing pictures of awesome mittens and yours would be perfect to start with 🙂

      • Yes, please I would love for you to share them!! And color work projects, I find, are so much fun, challenging in a not-so-hard way 🙂 Very excited to see more of your work, and other knitters, too. You find great patterns, they make me want to knit more.

      • Thank you for letting me! I will of course link to your blogpost and only post a single picture.

        You are completely right. Color work has a great combo of challenging and not too difficult. I am so glad you feel like knitting more – you should!

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