Finished flamingos!

So I could finally get better pictures of the mittens! They are finished and here you go:

IMG_9698 lilld

Finished Flamingo Mitten. Knit by Anne Grove. Pattern by SpillyJane Knits.

There is quite a few uneven stitches on the mittens. Some are made by me others were made by a little cat running across the blocking board. Why would I have something like that just lying about if not to run across? Silly me!

IMG_9692 lille

Notes and thoughts: 

1. This pattern was easier to overlook compared to the Gnome mitten as it only uses two colors but this also mean you have rounds where you only have 5 stitches of peach colored yarn. These rounds can be difficult if you are not paying attention as it’s very easy to tighten the yarn too much.

2. Blocking made a big difference on these mittens as they are only knit with two colors and have rounds with only few stitches on contrast color.

3. I had a few problems getting the flamingos placed = I misplaced some of them. I generally made more flaws than I would like to admit! I’m very perfectionistic so I see the flaws straight away in my own work and it bothers me. I did make the flaws when I had a fever and kept on knitting but still, this does not make the perfectionism more tolerant.
I need to find a method to keep track of where I am when I’m knitting and not on top.

4.  Personally I like when things are mirrored and this mitten is not mirrored. I am not talking about the flamingos but the small ‘flowers’ and ‘spots’ on the right of each mitten on the picture. It is easy to move the thumb, ie. knit it somewhere else, but you have to think about it while you are knitting the mitten.

SpillyJane patterns contains instructions for both mittens as well as fingerless. It costs $ 6.00 USD though if you purchase several at a time she gives a nice discount. You can find the pattern here on Ravelry or on her etsy shop.


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