The first winner mitten is…

Yes! The first poll has ended. This is actually really exciting for me. Thank you so so much for your support and help. A total of 26 has voted and it has been people from all over the world. Most have been Danish, as many wonderful friend here in my home country are following BUT which is very awesome there is voters from: USA, Canada, Russia, Australia and New Zealand. How awesome is that?! 😀 I’m so thrilled!

And now for the result. The winner is: The Meta Mitten with a total of 34.5% of the votes.

Picture by Elizabeth Wolden

Picture by Elizabeth Wooden

It was a close run between the Chamomile and the Meta Mitten all week but the meta has been a vote a two in front the entire time. There for I have today found the materials and is about to cast on as soon as I have posted this.

If you wish to purchase the pattern you can do it here.


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