No heat = cold and wet mittens

Sooo. I know I promised you all a final update on the Flamingo Mitten today but I can’t give you that. Last night I put the mittens on the blocking board, sprayed them with warm water and put them on the radiator just to notice it was ice cold. It turned out to be the entire apartment. No wonder I had been freezing the hole day.

At least I have mittens to help me keep warm. Oh wait! They were all wet and cold too >_< All I can give you is a picture of the blocking process and a little natter about what that is.

In the finishing process of knitting (after the knitting it self is done) you need to block your knit work. The reason for this is to release the tension of the yarn. When you knit the stitches the yarn get slightly twisted and this makes the textile tens. To get the yarn to relax you pin the work on a board and spray with lukewarm water. In this process you can also shape your work in what way you want. Knit work is very flexible. It is important to use a measuring tape and/or a ruler to ensure you evenly stretch your work otherwise you can of course “ruin” the work. However you can always reblock your work if the result isn’t what you wanted.

One thing you should remember not to block is ribbing. What makes the ribbing have the elasticity is the tension of the yarn and the stitch. If you block the ribbing you will take out the elasticity and it will loose it’s purpose. Some do use ribbing for a visual reason and then, of course, blocking only makes the finished result better.

Flamingo Mittens and last Gnome Mitten on the blocking board.

Flamingo Mittens and last Gnome Mitten on the blocking board.

To block your work can be a very big help to even out those big stitches that always get into your work. And it can also be a very good help to get color work to look much much nicer and done by a prof knitter. The equivalent in sewing is ironing your seams. It gives a much smoother appearance and a more professional look to the finished work.

Flamingo Mittens

Flamingo Mittens


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