The Flamingo Mitten – first update

Compared to the gnome mittens the flamingo mittens are simpler. The gnome mittens have 8 colors where the flamingos are with only two, which makes these mittens a much easier to overlook. How ever it also gives some rounds with only 5-6 stitches in contrast color and the rest in main color. If you are not familiar with color work this can be a challenge to keep your gauge. I find that using a combination of continental knitting (European Knitting, left-handed knitting where you have the yarn on left hand) and English Knitting (right-handed knitting where you have the yarn in the right hand) is the easiest way to use.

Flamingo mitten hand and thumb

Unblocked Flamingo Mitten.
Pattern: SpillyJane. Knit by: Anne Grove

A very crucial part of this Mitten Project is my deadlines of a mitten a week. To make this deadline I’m breaking the pattern down into manageable bits.

The Flamingo Mitten has a color chart with 75 rounds and 10 for ribbing it gives me 85 rounds. There need to be time to knit thumb and weave in ends too. Having 14 days per pair and 1 week for mitten. Putting in time to finish up I have 6 days to knit a mitten. This gives me 15 rounds per day.

For the more extensive explanation read my post on Knitting with a deadline.

Flamingo mitten back

This first week of the year started on a tuesday which meant I had to knit for two days on the first to make the deadline. Which I did. I had planned to take a picture before today but I simply couldn’t get a proper picture! It has been too gray and dark. Anywho, I’ve used the time to knit instead which mean I have finished the first mitten and is well on my way with the second.

I made quite a few flaws in the pattern so kids: don’t have a fever and start your chart. Hehe. It’s not the best thing to do. But hey! I had a deadline and I was sick = I didn’t energy for anything else than sitting on the couch and what is better as knitting time as sick time?


Arwetta classic, Hjertegarn Sock 4




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