The first poll!

It was my birthday! I turned 26 and what is a better idea than publish my first poll the day after the big day?! I can’t think of it. I hope you will help me find the next pair.

The first pair of January has already been chosen: The Flamingo Mitten, and it’s well on it’s way. But but the next pair still needs to be found. I have four patterns for you that I would like to do. They are without a theme as such, but mittens I’d like to knit.

Januarys poll

  1. Chamomile by Rachel Coopey. Published in Twist Collective Winter 2012. Why: I really like how the pattern of this mitten looks like a vintage lace, the kind my great grandmother made. It’s sweet and simple.
  2. Garden Gnome Mittens by Betsy Farguhar. Published in Good Egg. Why: I don’t per say have a love for garden gnomes, more gnomes in general, but this kind of garden gnome I can live with! I simply like the whimsical motif.
  3. Skein of Greese by Mary O’shea. Published in Tullymongan Designs. Why: I love graphic patterns and this is very geometric in the pattern but by color and texture it’s very organic. Done in alpaca this is a beautiful mitten.
  4. Meta Mitten by Elizabeth Wolden. Published in Cotten Gin and Tonic. Why: I’m not sure I need to explain this very much, but come on! It has sheep on it 😀 I love wool and therefor I love sheep, the provider of most wool. They are adorable.


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