Gnome Mittens

Gnome handback

Gnome Mitten. Pattern: SpillyJane. Knit by: Anne Grove

First mitten is done. Finished knitting, blocking and ends woven in.

I had the flue and thus got a behind on the knitting, but there is no rush with these ones. I wont be done before the cast on of The Flamingo Mittens. As these mittens aren’t part of the mitten year I don’t think I should stress too much about them coming out of flue-land.

For The Mitten Project I’m calculating how much I need to knit each day to make my deadline. For this mitten I haven’t as such knitted by those rules as I didn’t have 14 days in total but I did have time on my hands with the holiday.

Gnome mitten otn

The pattern is made by SpillyJane Knits. Jane makes wonderful mitten and sock patterns using fair isle. More mittens from her is going to show up during this year but find the time to go in check out her blog too!

The pattern contains instructions for both mittens as well as fingerless. It’s very descriptive and easy to follow. It has written pattern as well as  charts, so no matter what you prefer it’s there. Personally I prefer charts. The pattern calls for 7 colors including main color. This is not the greatest beginner color work project but it’s not the most difficult either if you remember to untangle your yarns during your work. On Ravelry it’s listed as average difficulty.

When you choose main color think about weather it can be used for the eyes as well. If you choose a MC color that can be eyes as well you will eliminated one color! I didn’t think of this before half way into the mitten and thus I have 8 colors in my mitten.

Also have in mind what color you choose for body colors. To begin with I had chosen a wonderful teal blue but it turned out it was the exact same shade as the gray and totally disappeared. Freaky little floating gnome heads! *unravelunravel*

Marathon, Arwetta Classic, Froehlich

Marathon: Gray, white, black, red
Arwetta Classic: Light pink, light blue, brown
Froehlich: dark blue

Notes and thoughts: 

1. I found knitting the finger a little tricky – just because it’s small and I have a habit of having a finger or two in the part I’m knitting. This is nothing in particular but me whining 😉 Just have in mind it might take a little longer to knit the finger because its you’re knitting on dpn’s (remember it can be knit on 3 needles instead of 4 – but then the notes on n1-4 aren’t usable).

2. If you are new to color work remember to stop after each needle and see how it looks. Try stretching it a bit to check the tension: if it’s too tight you can still give a little yarn to give the tension you want and enable you to reach your gauge.

3. Blocking can be your friend! Especially if you aren’t the most awesome of most awesome color knitters which I am not! This is my third or fourth attempt of color knit, which was why I wanted to knit something with many colors before 2013’s mittens. The first row of gnomes came out quite wonky but around the middle of the hat I found the flow. After blocking the finished mitten they looked much much better!

4.  If the blocking doesn’t do the job you shouldn’t be afraid of unraveling! I am not talking about undoing the entire mitten but if you pick up after the wonky part you can unravel the beginning and redo that instead of knitting the entire mitten from scratch again.

SpillyJane patterns contains instructions for both mittens as well as fingerless. It costs $ 6.00 USD though if you purchase several at a time she gives a nice discount. You can find the pattern here on Ravelry or on her etsy shop.


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