Wooly Tree Mittens

Wooly Tree Mittens. Pattern, knit and picture by Jaennie on her A Crafty Cat blog.

Wooly Tree Mittens. Pattern, knit and picture by Jaennie on her A Crafty Cat blog.

Jaennie gave me permission to post a picture of her beautiful mittens here.  She did the pattern her self and it was her first color work project! 

I’m loving the pattern as well as the colors. The yellow is just a perfect touch.

You can find more pictures on her crafty cat blog here.


What heart of February will it be?

Jolnir by Emmy Petersson. Pubslihed in Woolbox Designs. This heart pattern is adorable for more reasons than just the hearts. It’s a modern and simple take on all the hearts. I already have the yarn I’m going to use a light gray and a yummy red.


I am presently having a problem with the downloading the pattern and until that has been cleared up I wont be able to cast the Jolnir Mitten on. Patience till them, I tell my self, patience!

Untill then I’m going to edit the pics and such for last week (surprise) project. I did a little thing while haven a week to spare due to the fast knit of the Meta Mitten.

Latvian kit and book

I went to Ladies Lunch. A wonderful gathering of amazing women. We meat, each have brought some edibles and we have a magnificent lunch. Afterwards we watch chick flicks (or other movies we just want to see). Some do crafts while others don’t. The idea is a great and fun ladies day. And I can tell you it was! Soooo much amazing food. A crazy cheese cake and a treat from Bulgaria that I’m not really sure what was. YUM!

Maria, the host, brought me a black box with a mitten pattern on front. It’s a mitten kit! The mitten is from Latvia where they have a strong and long tradition for color knit. Especially mittens and socks. She told me about a very special tradition: When getting into old age the women will start knitting socks and mittens so that a gift to can be given to those who show up for their funeral party. I find it very moving. Imagine giving your guests, who are there to say goodbye to you, a last thanks.

Mitten kit and book

The book is by Aija Jansone and is called Heritage of Rucava’s Patterned Knitted Articles (Rucavas Rakstaino Adijumu Mantojums). It’s on loan only which I totally understand. I will have to see if I can get my hands on it. I need to own this book! Until then I can read and look on this copy. I’m thinking I will do a little review of it.

Thank you so so much Maria! I am going to have so much fun with both!

Month of Hearts – February poll

February is just around the corner and this means it’s time for the second poll. The month is that of St. Valentine. The month of Hearts. Therefor it’s the first theme of February.

Now I am not the big romantic enthusiast buuuut I do like a little romance from time to time. And now it’s time. Heart it up, baby, The Mitten Project won’t miss out on this ‘holiday’!

poll pictures

  1. Partnerhandschuh by Milla Schoen and Yorka Sontowski. Published in TOPP #6625, Handschuhe stricken. Für Gross und Klein. Why: It’s a fun mitten perfect for a couple! I love the idea of having a joined mitten and .. well .. it make me laugh. What’s not to love about it?
  2. Heart Mittens Ansku (username on Ravelry). Published in Pitsiä ja palmikoita. Why: This is simply an adorably sweet mitten. Quite classic and simple in the hearts yet it’s more interesting than just a plain heart.
  3. Kristin’s Lyre Flower/Kristins Løytnantshjerter by Wenche Roald. Published in Knitnetty’s Designs. Why: I love the name. For you who don’t understand Scandinavian it says “Kristins Leutenant hearts”. There is a story here! I love how the name inthralles me and then of course. Classic scandinavian mittens. Adorable.
  4. Jolnir by Emmy Petersson. Pubslihed in Woolbox Designs. Why: I’m much for hearts my self but I do love the modern take on hearts this chart offers. Simple yet perfect for a woman who’d like a little romance every time she looks down.

42 = mittens – and you ask why

The truth!

I have found the book that contains the truth. I did not know it when I asked the library to reserve the book for me. But I now know! 

Tomorrow, I will go to the library and I will find my book, the book i ordered, under a very special number. The number 42. The answer to all questions. Under the number 42 I will find the book Vantboken – Solveigs vanter (The Mitten Book – Solveigs Mittens) by Solveig Larsson.

I knew I was on to something with these mittens….

Meta Mitten….finished!

So you chose the Meta Mitten and I’m pretty happy you did! Besides being adorable it is also a pretty fast project. Compared to the Gnome Mitten and the Flamingo Mitten this is knit on needles two sizes bigger; a size 3,5mm (us4). I finished the first mitten thursday and sunday I finished the second mitten. I still need to block the mittens buuut I can’t resist to post the finished mittens anyway.

Good I have an extra project I can fill up my week – also a mitten, done in a home made pattern by yours truly. I will post about that as well of course. Hah. As if I would not knit for a week! I always have too many projects on the needles and more waiting to get cast on. I need to have something distract me a lot not to knit just a little for an entire week.

Meta Mitten. Pattern: Cotten Gin and Tonic. Knit by: Anne Grove

Meta Mitten (unblocked) Pattern: Cotten Gin and Tonic. Knit by: Anne Grove

The timeframe for this pattern differ a bit from the first mitten as it’s knit on bigger needles and therefore has less rows to be knit. In total the pattern has 60+ (ca.) 17 rows = 77 rows. 77rows /6 days = 12,8 rows/day. I need to knit 13 rows each day to reach the goal of two weeks. Not that it’s too relevant right now, but I thought I’d give you calculations I did to begin with.

As one of you suggested I’m doing one of the sheep black. I had to redo the chart to make sure it looked good as it wasn’t just a matter of inverting the colors. The sheep has a black head but I used the white to outline the shape of the head. It does look a bit more like a ram with the white outline.

I wrote Elizabeth Wolden to hear if she would allow me to post my black sheep chart, but as I expected she said no. So you will have to go without it 😉

Meta Mitten: The black sheep.

Meta Mitten: The black sheep.

Notes and thoughts:

1. This is very very good beginners mitten for a first time color knitter! It is quick and easy and has some really nice details that makes the knit easier. It’s knit on bigger needles than most color work mittens and this makes it easier to overlook. Also she has written introduction to both color knit as well as reading a chart. The instructions are short and clear.

2. I have a problem with the pattern but it’s not the pattern in it self, it’s the layout of the pdf. It’s very heavy on the graphic side. Not that it’s a problem as such it’s just not to my liking. This is definitely a pattern that will gain from being printed out. I however always work with the pattern on my laptop and as the chart part of the pattern is tilted in landscape it can be pretty frustrating to read. I had to make the pages with chart into .jpeg and then tilt them to get a better read.

3. I must admit I was a bit puzzled to why Wolden decided to do the kind of decrease of the mitten she chose. She want to avoid getting a clear line of stitches along the ‘braid’ on the side of the mitten so it was a design choice and that I respect.

Materials: Granhøj Kamgarns Superwash

Materials: Granhøj Kamgarns Superwash

Elizabeth Woldens pattern contains an introduction to fair isle knitting or stranded knitting. It costs $ 5.00 USD. Wolden has also done a pattern for a matching hat which is adorable! You can find the pattern for the mitten here and the cap here on Ravelry (they can be purchased together as well here). She has also written about her design process on her blog.

Poll pictures done

Tuesday I spend some hours doing poll pictures, just like the one I made for Januarys first poll. They are now all nice and uniform in a folder marked ‘Poll Pictures’.

There is at the moment 33 different themes and the next step is to narrow it down. With the poll pictures I should have a better overview and this should hopefully help me! I am hoping to have at least 6 months themes planned when this week is over.

All the poll pictures together.

All the poll pictures together.