Knitting with a deadline

When ever I have knitting project with a deadline I break it down to be able to keep an overview. I find it’s much easier to cope with if I calculate how much – how many rounds – I need to knit each day to make my deadline. Not that I per say knit each day but then I know roughly how much I need to knit the next day. Some days are just knitting days others not.

To give an example I will use The Flamingo Mitten: The Flamingo Mittens has a chart with 75 rounds and 10 rounds of ribbing = 85 rounds. Then there need to be time to knit thumb and weave in ends and such. If I have 2 weeks/14 days to a pair I have one week per mitten. Setting one day aside to knit thumb ect. per week it gives this equation: 85rounds/6days = 14,16r/d = 15 rounds per day. By rounding up I make the number easier to remember and make sure that I give myself more time in the end.

I don’t find the ribbing to be very hard or time consuming, and rather tedious actually, so I prefer to spend more time on the color work. So I often get the ribbing done as fast as possible to get to the fun part. I often don’t really count the ribbing into the calculation. If you do the same you have to knit fx. 12 rounds per day in stead of 15.

To me it’s important to remember that this is just guide lines to keep an overview. I’m into structure not a strict regime. Knitting is a relaxing spare time activity for me not a chore and I’m very focused on avoiding just that feeling, especially when knitting with a deadline – be it this mitten project or knitting for gifts.

Happy knitting with a deadline!


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