Overview of the weeks work

This past week I have been working looking for ways to promote this little endeavor of mine, so I can get the feedback it needs to run properly. I’m expecting it to be slow but I hope it will change when TMP it up an running! I have created a Facebook page for you who want to have TMP on your facebook feed rather than using the RSS 🙂

The Mitten Project on Facebook

I am still working on ideas of how to do it but lets see if this shouldn’t help a little. Ideas and advise is always welcome!

To give a little overview of how it looks with themes: I have gone from 42 to 35 to 30 themes. There is many that looks really interesting both motif-wise as well as technique-wise. But there is still a growing maybe pile. The process of sorting has been paused a bit due to Christmas gift making and exam preparations. Butbut I have bought the pattern for the Gnome Mittens! I will be casting on shortly.

Soon to come is also a little How I’m gonna do a mitten a week-strategy.


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