2. + 3. round of categorizing

I can tell you it’s looking good! I have done the second and third round of categorizing. I have deleted a few themes, created a few new ones and twined others so it would make most sense. Mainly I’ve split Technique Time into four categories:

  1. Technique Time
  2. Cables
  3. Knit-Purl
  4. Fingerless mittens

A big criteria for the themes/categories has been that if there were not at least four mittens that all could bring their own to the table it deleted it. Each theme should have either good and interesting motifs or have a particular detail that made it a bit different, be it in the detail, technique or what not.

I do have a maybe pile for themes I am still in doubt of. If I don’t find them to be missing on the list, they are not adding something on their own and wont be part of the project.

Each theme is now down to 4 patterns except Technique Time as I think it should cover a much wider range.

It has been tough! Most of the themes had so many wonderful mittens that I could hardly choose. It took about four days I think but it’s done now and it feels and looks great!


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