First round of categorization

Have used the last couple of days sorting through around 700 mittens. Phew! And this was just the first round. It’s not a secret: I loooooove organizing and sorting and having order in a big project. So it might sound horrible but I love this part. Also I know I’m gonna be glad for it when this project really starts.

From time to time the thought ‘what have I gotten my self into’ pops up. Then I remember: oh yes! I’m gonna have a full year of knitting wonderful mittens 😀 And the feeling of dread disappears.

Back on subject. This was the first round of organizing. This is how it looks, all themes that have 4 or more mittens in the folder. Some have been added due to the need – others have been spliced together.

  • Animals, other
  • Animated/cartoon
  • Around the world
  • Asia
  • Birds
  • Cats
  • Christian
  • Deep Sea
  • Eastern Europe
  • First Snow/Wintertime
  • Flowers
  • Food and beverages
  • Forest Animals
  • Geometry
  • Halloween/Dias de los muertos
  • Kids
  • Lines lines lines
  • Manly month
  • Month of hearts
  • Moose month
  • Music month
  • Nature
  • Nerdy
  • Odd and different
  • Owl month
  • Roses
  • Spots, dots and do dats
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Technique time
  • Fingerless
  • Twirls and swirls
  • Traditional
  • Vintage patterns

Next step is to choose at least 4 patterns in each theme I think have good qualities and write a little text to why. Then I think I will do a pull here and/or on facebook. First of it will be only on the Themes. The chosen themes will be put into a calendar so that there is some order in that as well. And then a couple of weeks before the month a pull on what patterns you’d like to see knit (Do I even make sense? Hehe. Well I have a plan!).

That reminds me: Do a facebook page for this project! I need to post it on some of the knitting community pages as well. It would be nice with the help of

As you can see I might need to do another year. Darn so many wonderful mittens out there! And here I was thinking of doing a year of my own designed mittens – I might just have to postpone that. Or make a mixed year. One month my own, one month. Oh well, lets see when I get to that. I might just be so tired of mittens. Who knows!


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