Theme listing

The long list of the theme, as it’s still in the making. It’s coming along and soon I will stop my research for mitten patterns and work on categorizing and the themes will then be shortened down. There is some must haves such as Manly Month, Kids, Traditional and such. But besides that it’s gonna come down to what has most interesting patterns and what, if any, feedback you give me 🙂 So, any requests and suggestions bring it on!

  • Miyazaki
  • Easter
  • Spots, dots and do-dats
  • Summer
  • Kids: kids mittens and kids drawings – send in your own kidsdrawing
  • Manly Moth
  • Cables
  • Month of hearts (St. Valentine)
  • Plain weird
  • Halloween
  • Dias de los muertos: skull time
  • Yule time
  • Traditional stars
  • Roses
  • Moose Month
  • Lines lines lines
  • Vintage Knitting
  • The Nerds
  • Cats
  • Graphic
  • Around the World
  • Technique time
  • Geometry
  • Birds
  • Animated/Cartoons
  • Nature
  • Pets
  • Varigated yarns (colors!)
  • Forest Animals
  • Flowers
  • Turkish
  • Eastern Europe
  • Music Month
  • Twirls and Swirls
  • Autunm
  • Food and beverages
  • Odd motive
  • Owl Month
  • The Moomin
  • Lace
  • Animal motifes
  • Sweet and sweets
  • First snow
  • Fignerless
  • Handspun
  • Deep Sea

Soooo…that’s how it looks so far. It’s compiled based on what I’ve found and seen and what I want to do. Now: categorizing and reducing! Up up and away!


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