Research and organising

Yes. I am working my way through Ravelrys pages of mittens. My favorite list is long long long. Almost 500 patterns and pictures for inspiration – and it’s still growing. I am compiling a list of suggested themes for each month. I’m adding new and narrowing it down as I work, but it’s starting to take shape. There is gonna be both traditional, color work, something for the men, for the kids, for the geeks and something for those who love to try out unorthodox ways of knitting mittens and much much more.

December is here to finish up the research + organizing and choosing the patterns. Basically narrowing it down.

I am about to cast on a little project – a little warm up for the upcoming year. In the spirit of the wintertime I am gonna knit gnomes. I was not brought up with Santa Claus but with Nisser. Normally translated into ‘elves’ or ‘pixies’ this is not really adequate: ‘gnomes’ is better. Small beings living in the nooks and crannies, the haylofts of the farms and under stones. You better stay good friends with them otherwise they can be very mischievous. Hopefully these gnomes will work with me! I have made sure to put out some rice porridge to have the local ones be on my side (old tradition: rice porridge with cinnamon sugar and a dollop of butter in the middle).

Picture and pattern: SpillyJane Knits on

Picture and pattern: SpillyJane Knits on


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